Friday, September 19, 2008

Welcome Singles

Hello and welcome. This blog is to track my experiences in the dating scene in Philadelphia, PA. I've started it partially as an experiment, and partially as a way to reflect upon the adventures I have decided to embrace. I am going to keep the posts as anonymous as possible, as I think thats only fair to me and the other parties involved. I'm a single mid-twenties male living in Philly, and decided after a long-term break up and some close friends moving away, it was time to start dating. Not just like oh, "now I'm available" dating, but tossing out the bullshit and straight up taking women out to dinner and all that jazz. I enjoy going on dates, but think I don't go on enough of them, kind of like how you always feel like you should eat sushi more often. I'm not out to mess with anyone, or be cruel, or talk trash about people on the internet, but I'm out to chronicle something that I think will be interesting, and something I should reflect on. I know what I am looking for in women, but someone once told me its a good idea to date someone you think is wrong for you. We're not talking about relationships, just a single, honest, laid back date. So that being said I'm not going to be too picky in who I go out with, so long as they are good company, why not give it a try? If I find the right person for me in the process, great, if not, at least I'll have had some good (hopefully) and interesting (probably) experiences for it. Ultimately I'm searching for a long term, involved relationship, but for now I think I'll enjoy not having one for a while, and maybe make some new friends in the process.

So here it goes, Philly. I'm going to give it a go. I predict the hardest part for me will be not getting discouraged, so if you found this for whatever reason please feel free to comment, as even constructive criticism makes me think about things more.

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