Friday, September 19, 2008

Craig's List of Women

I decided if I was going to do online dating, a traditional online dating site like or that other one that escapes me at the moment may be too commercial for dating a wide variety of people. So I started my online dating search on Now, many people have said that this is the worst place to meet people, but I'm hoping for some diamond's in the wrath. I figure by only replying to posts, its a little less absurd since I can pick and choose.

So far, I've sent 7 emails and received 2 responses. Interestingly, both responses were from posts that were more looking for some fun times in the city than a relationship per say. This is probably one of those things that will build my character, but also puts a damper on a "date" themed evening.

The first woman to message me back, lets call her "Girl A", included some pics, but the email was quite brief. The shortness of the message put me off gaurd a bit, guess it felt more like an interrogation. Anyway, being curious, I googled her name and her facebook profile came up. Her picture was one of the ones she sent me, but in the other pictures she looked quite different. Now, I know people want to post pictures where they look attractive, but this girl looked straight up different. This puts me off a bit. I mean do people really think that when they finally meet up the other person will suddenly have a change in taste? Doubtfull. To me it suggests that the woman doesn't think she looks good enough to get someone worth dating, or isn't happy with her looks. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but there is with misleading people. A lot of people aren't happy with their looks (myself included), but that doesn't mean you need to be sneaky about it. What else would they be sneaking about?

The other response I got back really surprised me. I got a pic, and it turns out she is of a different race than myself. I've never dated someone of another race, mostly because I think I have a harder time connecting with other racial identities. I'm not naive enough to think that my social circle is well diversified, quite the contrary actually. I'm definately guilty of self-segregation. But like I said in my first post: this is partially an experiment, so I might as well see if we get along. Who knows? Maybe we'll get along really well. I'm rather excited about it now, actually.

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