Sunday, October 5, 2008


So, I've had my first "date", which turned out almost as terrible as I expected, though not quite interesting enough to be a really funny story. I met up with "Girl B" from my craigslist post, but as I had mentioned, her post was more about meeting new people and learning the city than going on a date. Our communication via email was similar, seeming more like she was interested in just casually meeting people than actually dating. We decided to meet up at a local coffee shop she heard about for some sweet snacking.

Now, let me disclaim myself by saying that initially, as evidence from my previous post, I was looking for a date, but her carefree vocabulary regarding our meetup suggested she was not. But I decided to meet with her regardless to give it a try. After some poor service and awkward conversation, I realized it was a date after all, mostly cause I got stuck with the bill. Now, I consider myself a classical-modern man, meaning I like buying women dinner but not because I feel like I'm expected to. What bothered me about the situation was that we both clearly had different expectations. One of my friends pointed out that I did contact her on a personal's site, so I suppose I'm just as much to blame, but I prefer a clearer picture of what is going on between two people prior to meeting up. If I ask someone out in person, I simply ask if I can buy them dinner.
Simple. Clear. No questions.

But anyway, I was thrown a bit off gaurd by the experience, but overall I wouldn't have acted differently or anything. I just like to know what I am getting myself into. I am not one of those people who act differently on a date, I'm very picky about being myself, but I do like to have a plan when I go on a date. For instance, if we are going to dinner I like to have a few backup places in mind that are close by, and some dessert or bars close by incase things go well. I think I'll just have to be clearer when I make arrangements about such things. In addition, I like to pick venues that are a bit less causual and more intimate.

Other than that the date wasn't very interesting. We didn't really "click", which wouldn't have bothered me as much if I knew it was a date going in.

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