Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Cougar

I went to a friend's housewarming party a little ways back. Being that I had some vegetarian friends going, I took a shot at a vegetarian meatloaf. It came out amazing as it turns out, and particularly wooed the palette of a particular party-goer. She had to leave early, so we only spoke briefly, but apparently I made quite an impression on her. She contacted the host for my email address, and asked me out. Once again, how often do women ask men out? Seriously, twice in a month? Granted one of them was on a dating website where its more expected, but you have to understand I'm a bit old-fashioned, and was never really a ladies man. I think thats more times than I ever was asked out in my whole life. Maybe I'm just better looking now? Who knows.

Anyway I was not about to pass up an opportunity like this, so of course I said yes. She emailed back a bit, and I quickly took note how overly affectionate she was in her emails. Things like "hey handsome" and stuff that would be endearing had we met for more than a brief conversation about meatless meatloaf at a party. I didn't pay much attention to it, though, as I put more vest into meeting people in person. Then she bailed! We were supposed to meet on a Monday for lunch, but she never confirmed. I called the day of, no answer!

So I was bummed, but didn't take it too personally. She emailed me a few days later, guess it was just a bit of mis communication. So we rescheduled, then she canceled again. By this point I was tired of dressing up for work to just keep getting canceled on, but I gave her another re-schedule.

We finally met up for lunch at a sushi place downtown, and what a cougar! Now granted we had met, but you have to remember, it was really brief and quick. I don't think our age difference was apparent to both of us at the party, but she had to be at least 12 years older than me! I think over lunch I realized it more than she did. I look a bit older for my age, but there was an awkward moment when I mentioned "our generation". Unfortunately, I didn't find her that attractive, so I couldn't sugar-mom her up for show tickets and fancy evenings on the town. Maybe my next cougar.....

This is the kind of thing I expected to happen when dating without precondition. Not quite as dramatic as I expected, but still a good one for the books.

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