Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Heavyweight

I got a message on a dating website asking me to go for a beer. It wasn't after a conversation or anything, just a straight up invitation to a stranger. That takes some serious balls, and I figured, how often do women ask men out? So in the spirit of no-precondition, I met up with her at a bar downtown. After viewing her profile I pretty much knew she wasn't was I was looking for, but I did it anyway. It may sounds terrible, but she was kind of a big girl and I wasn't physically attracted to her. Now I fully believe that some people become more attractive as you get to know them, but personality wise there were some clear indicators that wouldn't be the case.

But I met up with her regardless, and going in knowing it didn't mean anything made it really easy to be relaxed and enjoy myself. I think I need to just not be interested in people at all from now on. We ended up hanging out for like four hours just chatting about this and that. I still wasn't attracted to her, but her personality is similar to many people I knew in college, so getting along with her was easy for me. I do feel torn about the situation though, I kind of feel like I was leading her along. I'd like to stick her in the friend zone but that seems mean. I mean, I'm the guy who's usually really good at sticking himself in the friend zone, but never when I want to. I since haven't really spoken to her, online or not, maybe I'm a jerk.

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